Fenomena Gangnam

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Muzik, Scene yang best

Sekarang nie mcm havoc jer gangnam nie.. bukak facebook ade je video gangnam nie.. youtube pon… best ke gangnam nie ? so tanye le pakcik google.. dia suh tgk kat wikipedia..

“Gangnam Style is a 2012 K-Popsingle by the South Korean rapper and K-Pop idolPsy. It has been featured in broadcasting networks such as CNN and Bloomberg, mentioned by numerous celebrities, and has also led to various user-generated parodies and reaction videos from all over the world. According to the German national daily newspaper Die Welt, Gangnam Style is spreading like a “Lauffeuer (wildfire)[1] and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation writes that millions around the globe have become “obsessed[2]Gangnam Style is widely praised for its humour, catchy rhythm as well as Psy’s unusual dance moves that have introduced many people to K-Pop. First released on July 15, 2012, it entered the Gaon Chart singles chart at number one upon release.[3]

ha.. yg lain bace sendiri kat sini. Tengok le kat youtube amende ni.. rupenyer camni gangnam style tu..



Ade jugak yang raye nyer… ( sape la yg rajin wat video ni.. mmg selamber la family ni.. )..



Tapi aku paling suka yang fly fm ni buat.. comel tul la hunny madu ni.. xde segan2 nyer..


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